Time Management

June 6, 2011

Most of the students are told to manage their time wisely, but choose to ignore that statement because they simply can’t manage their time. You would have experienced trying to finish work ahead of time, but find it hard to concentrate because it isn’t due for a while. The best way to deal with this problem is set a mini “due- date” for the project that is assigned. On the day before the project is due, just look it over and you will be surprised how many mistakes you would have made if you just handed in the project like that. As my english teacher always says, “It is important to look over the essay with a fresh eye.” Some things to be careful about this assignment is that you have to finish everything in that mini due date. If for some reason you can’t finish, you have to write it down or you will forget you didn’t finish it and it will be same as procrastinating. If it is hard for you to deny the fact that the project is due tomorrow, it is always a good idea to know people who like to lie, or make you suffer. I am a big fan of telling people lies, but actually got “thank-you”s by the people who finished the project and realized that they underestimated the assignment. However, all of the blogs are not lies, so just because I lie most of the time don’t think that this blog is also a lie. Until now was how to avoid conflicts with parents the effective way, and how to avoid parent’s nagging the honest way. Thank you all for watching my blog about conflicts with parents.


The Reasons Why Parents Nag

June 6, 2011

Parents will nag you to do more work even if you are doing work. The reason why they nag you isn’t because they have nothing better to do, or enjoys nagging you. Your parents wants to help you prevent procrastinating. Procrastinating is putting off the work you have to do until the very last moment. This is a very bad habit to get in, and when your parents nag you to do work, it is to make sure you finish the work. You should get in the habit of doing things earlier, in case you have to fix something, or there is an emergency that you couldn’t think of. It is a wise decision to finish everything earlier even if it means pretending to do work later, when you have finished everything and your parents still nag you. It is also wise to study for tests beforehand. Most people start to study for tests a day before the test and has no choice but to not sleep. It is scientifically proven that sleep helps you do well in tests therefore you should study beforehand and only do a final review before the test.  Your parents are nagging you just so you can do well in the future. Although it may seem just annoying, if you pay attention to what they are actually saying, you will learn a valuable lesson, and you should try to actually listen to them rather than ignoring them all the time.

How To Avoid Nagging Forever

May 26, 2011

Although your parents nagging may be annoying at that time, most of what they say is actually for your own good. The methods I said in the previous blogs are only for when your parents nagging is so severe, and you want to escape from it for a few days. The best way to avoid nagging is getting in the habit of what they require you to do. As you may have heard many times before, later on you will understand what your parents are saying and will regret. Usually when you get a little old, and you feel like what your parents are saying is just annoying, it is because you feel that you have enough knowledge to think for yourself. My dad once told me that you think you know more than your parents and think your parents are wrong because you feel that the world has changed, and your parents can’t keep up with the world. He said,” What you have is knowledge which is know/edge, knowing the edge of the whole thing, while adults have wisdom.” At first, I didn’t understand what they meant, and ignored what he said and regarded it as something all adults say. I realized what he said later, and regretted that I didn’t listen to him earlier. Don’t make the same mistake that most people will make by ignoring your parents and regretting it later. There are many ways to avoid certain problems and lie your way out of things, but it is better to face and fix the problems.

Ways To Work Offline

May 16, 2011

In the previous blog, I mentioned how to pretend to work on the mac, If you don’t have a mac, there is still a way to relax. You can still read comic books and pretend you are working. First place a big text book standing up like you are looking at the information in the text book. After that, place a notebook in front of you like you are writing information from the book. After that, place a comic book on your lap and cover the comic book with your desk. Also, you can listen to music without getting caught. First of all, you have to cut the side of the earphone corresponding to your room door. After that, put your ipod or mp3 in your pocket opposite of your room door and put the earphone strings in your shirt. After that, just put the earphone in your ear and enjoy the music. If you have lap top but not a mac, you can still play games. First of all, open a lot of documents such as webpages that look educational, and an essay you already wrote. After that, just enjoy your game. When your parents come, minimize the webpage and pretend you are writing your essay. If you don’t have a laptop, you can replace your phone with the comic book and play phone games, or watch t.v. with the dmb on you phone. If you run out of things to do, it may be a good idea to actually do the work that your parents tell you to do. Although it may seem like your parents are just nagging you at that moment, you will later realize that it is for your own good.

Parents Birthdays

May 7, 2011

When it is your parents birthday, it is most likely the day you will not get along at all. Especially if your mom has a tendency to really nag you, or annoy you. The first problem occurs when you choose a gift. If you choose the wrong gift your mom will nag you all day saying that you don’t know what I need. She will bring up her friends son/daughter saying, “My friends son/daughter bought my friend something why can’t you be like them.” If you ask them what they want, they will say something like, ” If I told you, it wouldn’t be a present.” People who don’t experience this nagging from their parents might simply say than choose the right gift, but it isn’t that simple. Even if you choose the right gift, your parents will say,” Do you think I need this? Just go study.” If you don’t give them a gift, they will nag you the whole day. From experience, the best gift is some dough(money) in an envelope. The important thing is that it must be in an envelope. If you just give them money without the envelope, they will nag you saying do you think I am that poor. After you gave them the gift, you have to stay in your room until dinner time. Your parents will nag you about studying the most! You have to pretty much study, or pretend you are studying the whole day by staying in your room. Another important thing is, when your parents say lets eat dinner together, you need to say yes. If you don’t, they will bring that subject back up for the next five months. Another tip that may be obvious is that just because that day is hard to deal with, if you choose to not come home that day, you will be nagged for the next three years. In addition, if your computer is in the living room, don’t play games and go to your friends house by saying you have a project. If you want to know how to do that, check the previous blogs. This was how to safely pass your parents birthday, and I will talk about how to pretend you are working in the next blog.

Using Time Effectively

March 18, 2011

Now that you can do what you want to do as long as you are done with your work, I will tell you how to get the most work done in the least time so there is more leisure time. If you do homework on the bus, and during lunch time, you can have more time to relax even if you have to study for tests. If you become an expert at doing homework on the bus, and at lunch or during other classes, you can start not doing anything at home, and cramming everything till the last moment, but procrastination isn’t really recommended. For minor assignments that will go in as a completion grade, or an homework grade, it can be done on the bus. The important thing about this method is that it must not seem obvious that minimal time was spent on the work.  You can start by doing homework that isn’t due on that day during lunch and on the bus. It is recommended that most of the work you do on the bus is reading a small book or related to typing. On the bus there is limited space and time therefore subjects like math that require more than one book, and thinking isn’t a good choice. The thing you have to watch out most is hand writing. If the work is done sloppily, than it will lead to harmful consequences, so you need to have pretty decent handwriting if you are going to write anything on the bus. If you are not the type that likes to cram, and does it before hand you have a good habit, and you should sleep on the bus. If you can’t sleep sitting down or if it is too loud on the bus, that can be adjusted. If you put on headphones, it will block out most of the sound even if there is no music being played. Also, if you place your feet slightly farther forward than you normally do, than your body will slouch and give the same effect as lying down. Another way to sleep is ignore the person behind you and lean the chair as far back as possible, but make sure there is no person behind you, that person doesn’t mind, or is weaker than you.

Going To Play With Your Friends

March 9, 2011

People can’t always work, and they should have some leisure time with their friends, but some parents just can’t understand that. You may have experienced trying to convince your parents that it is essential that you take a break from work, but your parents won’t let you go out, or if they let you go out, constantly call you to come back home and do your work. The best solution is to say that you have a group project. Your parents might not like the fact that you are going outside, but since it is for school, they won’t be able to stop you. Some important things you have to keep in mind while you say you are going outside is to make sure it looks like you are doing a project. For example, bring a textbook, or a laptop, or a video camera so you can say that I am going there to film, or finish something. Once your out, you may be happy that you have freedom and play as long as you want saying that it is for a project. The good thing about this method is that you get money to go play with your friends. You can get money by saying I need money to ride the subway, and I need money to buy material for my project. The important thing about asking for material is, you might have to give a basic outline on what you are going to buy. For example, you can say I need to buy color paper, instant freeze glue, stickers for my project that requires making a panda. The most important part is when you come back after playing. When you come back, you either need to come back with a completed homework or a lie. If you said you were going out to finish a “group project” relating to filling out a paper, you should work with your friend and finish that first. If you said that you were making something, say that it is at your friend’s house. These were ways to play with your friends without any conflict from parents.

Listening To Music

February 25, 2011

Listening to music can help enhance your quality of your work but your parents don’t allow you to? I feel your pain. I have a resolution for that issue. All you have to do is turn on a random lecture and put it on your screen while you minimize your source of music. If you go to the volume of video and put it to zero, your parents are happy because they think you are listening to lectures, and you are happy because you can listen to music while you work. Some important things about this method is, do not hum the tune of the song you are listening to, and always keep an eye on the “lecture” you are watching. You wouldn’t want your parents to get suspicious when your earphones are plugged in and the lecture you are watching is over. Also, for the video make sure it is a video that seems obvious that it is a lecture. If the video is ambiguous, your parents might think that the video isn’t a lecture, and will nag you again. The good thing about this method is, when your parents start nagging your siblings, or if there is any other sound going on around your house, you can focus on your work by raising the volume of the music and blocking out the outer sound.

Doing Your Work

February 23, 2011

The basic reason why students have conflicts with their parents is because they have different point of views on how much is a lot of work. If you decide to focus and finish all your homework in two hours, they will nag you to do your work even if you are done. The resolution to this problem is rather simple if you lie to your parents. These types of issues can’t be dealt with the methods told by adults. Adults will probably tell you to set a certain time in which you can relax. The thing about this resolution is, it may work for a while, but as time goes on, you will find your free time shrinking and things will go back to before you set that time of free time. Another resolution adults may give you is, prove that you are capable of doing work and playing so your parents won’t nag you by getting a high grade. I’m sorry but this method won’t work either. If you get an A but not a hundred, your parents will say, “See? Since you didn’t work that extra hour like I told you you couldn’t get a 100 percent” Now we all know that 1 hour is an understatement for how many hours your parents nag you to do, and you know that it is really impossible to get a 100 percent. The method that works is, pretend you are doing your work and relax. If you are using a mac, there is something called Spaces that can save you. If you click the apple at the far left corner, and go to system preferences, You will find Expose and Spaces. With that you can flip your screen when your parents come and pretend you are doing your work. If you have windows, you don’t have to worry, there is something called double desktop that will save you. You can download it in google, and flip the screen when your parents come. One thing you have to watch out about this is that your page has to be relatively full for you to use this method. It is usually wise to open a document, or a page with many vocabulary words so it seems as if you are studying for a test. One thing you have to watch out about this issue is that you have to finish your work, and finish studying for tests/ quizzes etc. If you are not done with your work and you forget to finish it, this method may fireback later.

Conflicts With Parents

February 16, 2011

Usually if you are a student, there will be conflicts with your parents for almost every issue. Some basic issues that keeps reappearing and is really annoying are do your work, don’t listen to music while you work, and come back after a certain time when you go play with your friends, and sometimes they will tell you not to meet your friends. You would want to believe that it is a temporary thing and your parents will give up after a while, but they will never stop nagging you until you go to a good college, and possibly even after that. In my next blogs, I will be talking about methods you can use to deal with these conflict with parents. I will talk about some methods that adults tell you, that usually fails, and methods coming from me that actually works. Throughout my blog  I will be talking about ways that help you live a more peaceful life with less conflicts from your parents. Some major issues I will be discussing are how to relax while your parents think you are working, how to listen to music while your parents think you are doing your work, etc. I hope my blog will help you in making your life more peaceful, and stay tuned!